This has to be short!

My first blog in 23+ years after coming into the world. iBelieve iWill iMprove.

You all [even me] have come across many posts [I believe you did being a law student] on how one went through and prepared for CLAT and I was no different. But unlike other bloggers I could not field a spot for myself [reasons in some other post…or better put: the excuses].

So the seed of law was germinated when I was in my 3rd standard [sharp memory and still no NLU ;)]. It cannot be 4th standard since our classes were in the afternoon session and law came to me in the morning session [early to bed, early to rise and even early to law…this does not rhyme at all but chalega]. And it even cannot be 5th standard for I started wearing full pants [no more half-pants] and writing with gel pens instead of pencils. And why pen, pencil, full and half pants is important here: I have written an essay on Motilal Nehru as my idol and this was the first time I came to know of the term Lawyer and I was determined to become one.

And here I am in my last Semester of 5-year law and as I said- ShortstoryThis was short.


About Gillu

Born in Bikaner [Rajasthan]. Schooling from Shree Jain Vidyalaya [Kolkata]. Final Year Law Student. Loves Mooting. "Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either."

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